Saturday, 25 February 2012

Patience - Quintessence of Effectiveness

 Every once in a while we get agitated. Agitated with our personal life, professional life, our identity, our status quo ... Even though we might realize that agitation is futile, we might find it hard to wrench free from its grip. On self introspection, we would realize that agitation is the result of impatience. There are shortcuts to achieving any of our goals. For e.g.:, If we want to climb up the corporate ladder, we could reach by guile and chicanery. While this might seem easier and faster, having reached the summit, it will be hard to sustain. If we rather go through the grind, to reach to the top, we would have had ample time to metamorphosed as a person, that would help us reach even greater peaks. But this would take a long time, might be even a life time. At times, we might even retrograde. But this is what makes a "gem" literally.

 In fact many of my previous articles which talk about genuine interest etc. takes a lot of time and patience. Even though we might have genuine interest in a person, in a cause etc., it would be difficult to garner trust and support from everyone. People would suspect the authenticity of the cause, the ulterior motive. It takes time and patience to build trust and confidence. Without patience, it would be easy to get agitated and lose heart.

 How then to remain patient. The solution as you might have already guessed by now, is in reiterating the spiritual principle of life - letting go. Attachment breeds impatience. The more we are attached, the more we want to expedite the end result. Expediting might often push us into making the wrong moves, and retrograde. Let us not be attached to our results, goals, identity etc. Let us put our best foot forward, and let the results take its natural course. Then we expend our energy only on doing our job well, and relieve ourselves of the baggage of accomplishment. If not anything else, it arrests impatience and agitation.

What do you say?

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