Saturday, 11 February 2012

Honing influential skills

 This is a topic that is relevant both to our professional and personal life. In the corporate world, people are often times measured on the level / impact of influence they have / can create. And in our personal life, we are trying to influence our spouse, friends, kids all the time. How can one effectively influence others ? In my early days I have read books on how to improve your negotiating skills and have tried implementing too.
 To my mind, trying to influence others can in a way be viewed as controlling their sense of being and their sense of existence. And "control" as we all know and have experienced is a C that everyone resists. Compassion, Camaraderie and Congeniality are the 3 Cs that work. Trying to control others, or trying to change others to our bent of mind is a faux pas. The obvious solution is then to execute the 3 Cs that bring in the positive results.
 But of late, I am beginning to wonder if consciously trying to work on the 3 Cs with an ulterior motive is manipulation in its very core. And it seems to be conflicting with my spiritual notions and principles of life.
 In my personal life, I have tried to "let go" the desire or want to influence others. And I must admit that, I feel liberated. Because, all along, in the process of influencing others, and trying to be very like-able , agree-able etc. (the 3 Cs), I was not being myself. I was manipulating and in the processing manipulating myself and loosing my identity. I was able to "liberate" myself from the clutches of manipulation , by simply following the lucid principles of spirituality , that I have dealt with in many of my previous posts.
 Would be interesting to discuss others' perspective on this and what they have adopted in their personal and professional life. And what with the confluence of spirituality and metaphysics? The notion that mind, thought etc. are matter and particles which can be influenced and controlled by our will. Would it be spiritually ethical to control the outcome of others (people, systems etc.) to our benefit?

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