Saturday, 3 March 2012

All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull boy

 This is an age old adage that we are all familiar with. Even the Hindu scriptures advocate this in principle. The Bhagawad Gita instructs human beings to neither fondle nor neglect their body, for both can lead to adversity. It is believed that all our organs (sense organs etc.) and the mind must work in co-ordination for effectiveness. Our sense organs are tempted into material needs like food, attire etc. If the mind is not in check, if the mind cannot control these cravings, our body succumbs to the materialistic desires.
 Let us for a moment consider an example of our craving for fame. If our mind gives in to the craving, we end up over exerting and tormenting ourselves. This in turn disrupts the chemical composition of our body like glucose, and in the long term it would affect our health (many of our disease are believed to be emanating from stress). The disease in turn would leave our mind pre-occupied with fear, precluding us from focusing on the larger purpose of life. It would also restrict our physical activity owing to the nature of the disease (depending on how debilitating the disease is ).
 Hence the Bhagawad Gita endorses the importance of disciplining the mind and the body. Yoga, meditation etc. have proved to restore the balance of energy in our body, and help maintain good health. This combined with the training of mind , to not give in to material desires, by being detached, helps in holistic well being. The mind by being detached, restrains our sense organs, and ensures that we do not indulge in debilitating activities. When the mind and the body are sound, when we are not over whelmed by fear or handicaps of any kind, we are better equipped to be effective.

 I would therefore recommend that each of us take up an activity, Yoga, sport anything that helps us maintain a sense of physical well being, in addition to practicing spiritual principles (detachment etc.), to lead an effective life.

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