Friday, 2 December 2011

How to manage your fear?

 Fear is because of the unknown. How can it be overcome? There are many theories and tips. Modern belief is to list all possible outcomes and reason out ways to handle each outcome. And then there is the spirituality angle to it. How can spirituality help overcome fear?

I have from my experience, seen that prayer helps me overcome fear. Fear is all in the mind, and hence it has to be overcome by appeasing the mind. It also aligns with some of the modern thinking on the powers of the sub-conscious mind. It is said that auto-suggestion can help tap hidden powers of the mind. It is also believed that if the sub-conscious mind strongly believes in something, the whole universe will come together to bring it to fruition. And hence, if we fear something untoward will happen, we are only mooting the universe to bring in the mishap. Instead, if we believe in the strengths of our mind and the impact that it can have on the powers of the universe, and think positively, the universe will bring prosperity to our feet. This is not to undermine the efforts needed to bring prosperity. Due diligence is ofcourse needed. But one must not worry beyond performing duties. If one has performed duties adhering to principles of life (honesty, empathy etc.), one cannot but prosper.
It is important to conform to principles, since there is also the notion that it is not just the energy emanating from us, but also those of others, that affect the outcome of one's efforts. Hence, if during the course of discharging ones duties, if one has invited negative energy from others, it will be detrimental.
In a nutshell, discharge your duties with due diligence, conforming to principles, and believe in the force of the energy of your mind and the universe. One need not live in fear or doubt prosperity.

Any experiences anyone?


  1. Very well written. How do you overcome the fear resulting from not accepting death of someone dear?? Any suggestion?

  2. Death of someone dear must be truly devastating and can result in all kinds of fear engulfing oneself. But I guess one needs to come to terms with it, and not accepting it might only further aggravate the situation.

    We must understand that each one of us have come into existence in this world for a purpose and after we finish playing our part, we must leave. Though sometimes we feel that we have not yet completely played our part.

    Having understood this, we must then channelize our thoughts and efforts in bringing purpose and meaning to our own life. It would help to introspect what we want to do with our life and the purpose of our own life. It could be serving humanity in some way, completing the unfinished task of your departed dear one, helping the less privileged and so on.