Monday, 12 December 2011

Creative Visualization(a Book by Shakti Gwain) - Use The Power of Your Imagination

I have started reading the book titled "Creative Visualization" by Shakti Gwain. I chose this book to understand how she melds Eastern World of spirituality with the Western psychology, and explore how it can be adopted for personal and professional growth.
 After having gone through the first few chapters, I don't feel let down. My own interpretation on the crux of the book is,  "Meditating on good for the greater cause, leads you to success in your own life".   The book while doling out techniques for meditation, dwells on why it is important to mean and do well unto others.

 She recommends that we start practicing it with a simple goal. I started off with the goal of reaching "x" hits within a day for this blog :) And I achieved 85% of  my goal ! Not bad for a start :)

 The lessons learnt from this simple exercise were
1. Though the goal might be materialistic in a sense, it is important that the purpose or end objective be spiritualistic, as in benefit others. It could be as little as benefiting your kin to as big as benefiting the larger world
2. Meditation and other techniques that I learnt from my spiritual leanings helped me get going
3. Affirmations are key. Shakti gives various examples of positive affirmations in her book. I found my source of strength / positive affirmation by prayer. Each of you could hinge on your own instincts.

If each of us as individuals use this in our personal and professional life, imagine what we could achieve as leaders or otherwise. Can it be used to bring us out of economic doldrums? Can it bring harmony between warring nations?

I am setting out to start visualizing for a bigger goal. Will keep you all posted in a later blog.

Until then would like to hear from others who might have / have not read this book, and experiences with visualizing, auto-suggestion etc. I am also looking for neuroscience research in this area, so any insights there would help energize this movement / thought.

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