Friday, 27 January 2012

Secret of Happiness

 The secret of happiness eludes everyone. We are fooled into thinking that being success / achievement will bring us happiness, only to realize that after reaching our goal, we are yet again set on to achieve something else that will make us "happier". What then is the path to happiness?

 In my opinion, one need not wander far and wide. It is all in the mind. Often, we are not aligned with our inner self, our true desire and our real sense of purpose in life. This is the reason why, even though we reach the so called pinnacle of our life, we remain unhappy. Most of the time, we set goals out of peer pressure, to gain approval of the society, instead of setting goals that appease our true self and desire.

 To attain true happiness, it is then imperative that we spend some time searching our conscious and sub-conscious mind, for our true self. How does one identify ?

 In my case, I looked back to identify things that I did not do for the sake of adulation / eulogy, but just out of passion. I then looked back to identify those skills that come naturally to me. It dawned on me that the trick is in marrying these two, to be able to leverage skills that came naturally to me, in fields that I am passionate about.

It might just be possible that none of what we do in our daily life aligns with our true self. We have to then start aligning our hobbies to our true self. This is a perfect example of Pareto law unfolding. Spending 20% of our time doing things that are aligned to our true self, would bring us happiness.

 The other realization that has been pivotal to my sense of happiness is detachment - detachment from worldly possession like name, fame and power, which is the quint essence of spirituality.  The more you get these worldly possessions, the more you want it, and you get sucked into this vicious cycle of unhappiness. Worldly possessions are those which are not entirely in our control. We cannot control the thoughts and actions of others, but we can control our thoughts and actions for our happiness. The solution lies in being contented and happy with what has been ordained, and living a life with purpose, aligned with your true inner self.

What have your experiences been?

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