Friday, 6 January 2012

Meditation - Way to Personal Effectiveness

Meditation is known to be beneficial to health and mind. To be able to fully benefit from meditation, it is important to understand the effects of meditation on the evolution of brain and how it influences our demeanor. Humans are gifted with the "crown" i.e. the conscious brain, which is what differentiates humans from animals. And it is only natural that only by firing this crown can we rejoice in true glory.
 The conscious brain gives us the free will to choose the right from wrong, focus, observe, invent etc. The more we flex the conscious brain, the better we are able to focus, observe our own patterns, eliminate bad patterns, and chalk out our life. The most important for all of this is focus and attention. The conscious brain is prone to distractions and we need to "train our thoughts" to shut out the distractions. This is where meditation helps. Meditation helps us to train our mind to focus. The better we get at it, the better we are able to focus on our personal traits and resolve to change for the better.
 To put it simply, mediate to train your mind to focus and pay attention to your self deprecating patterns and eliminate them.What makes us an individual is our repeating behavior patterns, and personal effectiveness is nothing but pruning and taming our behavior patterns.
Anyone has any personal experiences from meditation? I have personally experienced a distinct sense of calm and composure after meditation, which equips me with the fortitude to embrace a challenging situation. It helps me take objective decisions rather than be carried away by subjective emotions, which in essence is the "glory" of being a human.
Look forward to thoughts and views on this.


  1. How would someone get started in meditating?

    1. To get started, it would be good to decide on an object or thought of your liking. I started with God. With closed eyes, and convenient posture, I concentrate on his form, and try to go through the details of God, and concentrate on keeping his picture in mind as I continue to chant his name. In India, 108 is an auspicious number. I chant his name 108 times, and every time I chant, I concentrate on his form and lustre. Initially it might be difficult to concentrate for long periods, but over time, it becomes our second nature