Monday, 23 April 2012

When nothing goes right ...

 During our life span, there are occasions when nothing goes right. Problems seem to rain in torrents. I am no exception and have been through these phases of life. It easy to get devoured by negativity in these stages. In hindsight though, these phases seem to be the most fertile periods for self improvement and effectiveness. For one, it helps hone our character as I have blogged in Besides, there are other aspects too. This is when a sense of disgust and frustration is aroused, which can be positively channelized into a cathartic process.
 When things are hunky dory, we hardly pause to take stock, to the point where we might be completely off track. For e.g., if in our career, we are on a roll, with hefty hikes and a steep rise up the corporate ladder, we are most unlikely to take stock of our true aspirations, and the larger picture. In my opinion this is the reason that some of the most successful people, who seemingly have everything that it takes, are often left feeling void. On the contrary, if nothing seems to be going right, we are more likely to step back, and take stock of the situation, our current priorities, and our true purpose in life. This in my opinion, will help us connect with our true self, and soak in the joy of success as and when it happens, without feeling bereft. For outwardly success without inner contentment and satisfaction, equates to failure.
 This is not to exalt predicament, and advocate adverse situations as the only path to contentment and effectiveness. This is to raise awareness of the benefits that we can churn out of our quagmire, instead of being overwhelmed by it.
 Easier said than done? Could be. When nothing goes right, it is hard to get out of the whirlpool. But it helps reminiscing our earlier misfortunes, which have been a blessing in disguise.
 Any experiences or thoughts?

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